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Mon Aug 14 15:58:21 PDT 2000

While I have never used them myself I have had people share homebrews with
me that they put in screw tops.  Screw tops are generally not suggested for
reuse by a home capper but I have known people who have used them

I have also seen people who have not used them successfully and have been
unable to get them to seal well and therefore come up with flat or spoiled
beer. I have heard complaints that they break around the lip more easily
since they are intended to be thrown away.

For myself when I have been desperate for bottles I have never had any
trouble with finding a liquor store that would sell me a case or two of
returns for the price of the deposit.  Not only do ya get good heavy bottles
but ya also get a case box to store and carry them in.


Scott Mills 

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> Hello everyone.
>   I'm fairly new to the brewing scene, and have a quick question
> regarding bottles. Is it or is it not ok to use bottles with the screw
> off top? I was originally told no, but recently i was told it would be
> ok. I'd like to get  a majority opinion here and go with that. Thanks
> for the help!
> Jon

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