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Fri Aug 11 12:57:42 PDT 2000

<< yup, always listening, sometimes jumping into a discussion.
I haven't seen you on the list before so a warm welcome to you.  What area of 
historical brewing are you interested in ?  Personally I'm mostly interested 
in meads but since I took up beer brewing some six months ago (it was dormant 
for a few years) a door has reopened. >>

Thanks for your welcome. I don't have a particular era I'm working in. My SCA 
persona is roughly 13th century, but I must say that most of my experiments 
so far (blueberry-maple wine, orange mead, elderberry wine, black and 
blueberry wine, spiced apple mead etc.) have all pretty much been non-period. 
I was briefly involved with the Isles Brewing Guild, but they mostly did 
beers and ales and I really have minimal interest in such. Non-grape fruit 
wines (I live in Sonoma County and am kind of overdosed on regular wine) and 
meads are more my taste, though I once made a meglathin (mostly rum and 
almonds) I was very happy with. I draw pretty heavily on Patricia Telasco, 
who I know is non-period. The five gallon batch of orange mead I just started 
up was based on advice from the list, though. Three pounds of orange blossom 
honey per gallon of water. I boiled the water with orange tea bags and nine 
oranges, added the honey, let it sit for a day, strained the oranges out, 
waited a week and bottled it. That was about a week ago and it's still 
bubbling away. One thing I have been doing is taking the rind off citrus 
fruits off then peeling the pith off and discarding it before using the rest 
of the fruit. I think it cuts down on the bitterness. I came to this 
conclusion after many batches of what Telasco calls apple-ginger beer, which 
as far as I can tell isn't a beer but a cider, where you boil a gallon of 
apple juice, fresh ginger and orange and a lemon together with four cups of 
sugar. I modified the recipe by only boiling the sugar and fruit with enough 
apple juice to make a liquid so I can keep the freshness of the apple juice 
in the rest of it. I have access to good quality Gravenstein apple juice up 
here, so no need to ultra-pasteurize it. Also, I've been using fructose 
instead of sugar and that makes quite a difference.
Well, I've rambled quite a bit. Good brewing.


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