hist-brewing: Wood and sanitation (was: questions & a bit of news)

Joel Plutchak plutchak at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Aug 8 06:10:50 PDT 2000

In HBD #664, Rev. Steve Bernard (flatlander at gis.net) wrote:
> as for sanation,  i red a study some years ago about cutting bords,  plastic
> cutting bords can carry more germs even after sanatization than their wooden
> counterparts that cannot be "sanatized". the reason is becauseof the natural
> antibactrial quilitys of wood.

   I read the abstract of that study.  It drew my interest because
as a native Cheesehead I noted the study specifically concerned
dairy products (cheese!), and lactobacillus (also a wort-spoilage
concern) was mentioned.  I'd always liked wood cutting boards for
aesthetic reasons but had gone more to plastic due to the alleged
sanitation issue.  The study made me break out my wooden boards
again.  (Though I still use glass, metal, and teflon in my
Joel Plutchak, still in Flatlandia

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