hist-brewing: questions & a bit of news

Stephen Bernard flatlander at gis.net
Mon Aug 7 20:13:15 PDT 2000

adam larsen wrote:

>     Recently i was pondering how brewers in pre industrial times
> sanitized their equipment.  I personally have never heard of a pre
> industrial equivalent of  steam cleaning, bleach or TSP.   does any one know
> anything about this subject?  I have yet to see a recipe that even
> mentions sanitation let alone a cleaning regimen.

as for sanation,  i red a study some years ago about cutting bords,  plastic
cutting bords can carry more germs even after sanatization than their wooden
counterparts that cannot be "sanatized". the reason is becauseof the natural
antibactrial quilitys of wood.  the same must be true of brewing and fermenting
vessals of wood.  so a reasonable cleaning ritual would serve as well as
cleaning and sanatizing our glass and metal fermenters.

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