hist-brewing: sanitation/detergent vs. soap

Eylat Poliner allotta at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 31 17:45:05 PDT 2000

You could introduce too much sulfer by burning that it kills the yeast.   If your going
to use sulfer, try camden tablets.

> What about burning sulphur sticks?  That's how they sanitize (somewhat)
> the casks used for Lambic.  It doesn't kill yeast, but will kill several
> types of wort and beer spoiling bacteria.

Not according to the brewmaster at my local brewpub.  He avoids anything with
detergents as they affect the quality of beer.  He graduated from Seibel and was a
brewmaster for Pyramid Brewing.


> Detergent doesn't ruin head retention... soap does.  Big difference.
> Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) is a great detergent and doesn't leave
> the soapy film that you are thinking of.  Soap suds... detergents don't.
> The problem is that many cleaners are mislabeled as "detergent" when
> they really are "soap."

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