hist-brewing: Goof-off

Eylat Poliner allotta at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 29 16:20:41 PDT 2000

Hypothetically speaking..........  ;)

Renee Peterson wrote:

> Me, again...
> Goof-off!  Yeah, that's the stuff!  Really potent stuff...by the way, if
> one...hypothetically, let's say, spilled a little bit of, I don't know,
> blueberry mead, on the carpet, and one wanted to use a bit of the goof-off
> to clean up the spill...I don't recommend it.  It does remove the stain, but
> it also removes that bit of carpeting...loosens the glue of the carpet from
> its moorings.
> Hypothetically.
> Katla
> ____
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