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>     Recently I was pondering how brewers in pre industrial times
>  sanitized their equipment.  I personally have never heard of a pre
>  industrial equivalent of  steam cleaning, bleach or TSP.  I friend of
>  mine claims that their exists a moss like plant that when heated and
>  crushed  releases iodine, or something chemically similar, which was
>  used to dress wounds.  I recall hearing something similar in a medical
>  lecture several years ago but not the name of the plant.  I suppose such
>  a plant could be used for sanitation.  In any case, does any one know
>  anything about this subject?  I have yet to see a recipe that even
>  mentions sanitation let alone a cleaning regimen.
    Various kelps contain high levels of iodine, which accounts for the 
iodine taste of Bowmore single malt (my son loves it but I detest it), but
I have no idea whether it would be "available" for sanitation purposes.

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