hist-brewing: Bottle Labels

Craig Jones. craig.jones at airservices.gov.au
Mon Jul 24 15:23:05 PDT 2000

>    PROBLEM:  Bass and Guinness are no problem, but soaking the 
>labels off Sam Adams bottles is extremely difficult.  Has anybody found a 
>quick-n-easy method for doing so?

I soak all my bottles in a nappy cleaning powder (sodium perborate) overnight. 
All labels (including plastic and foil ones, and includes Sam Adams) peel off
into the water during the night.  I use 1 tsp of the powder in each 750ml
bottle, fill up each bottle then the container (usually the bathtub) with hot
water until the bottle necks are covered and then sprinkle more over the top.  
Rinse each bottle 2-3 times in cold clean water.  Note:  Sterilization comes
later, this is cleaning)

It's a remarkably simple (but probably does nasty environmental things) way to
clean bottles.  Personally, the hardest bottles I find to clean are the Alcopop
bottles with the clear plastic labels.

Drake (in Australia, where Sam Adams is a hard-to-find luxury).

ps.  It wont remove the foil champagne bottle tops though...Funny that...

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