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> I meant to include this in my other letter to you.  I've been look for a =
>  gruit ingredients list and not been able track one down.  I've found =
>  many obscure references to the bitter herbs and it seems to be mostly =
>  consisting of sage and colts foot.  Have you ever run across any info. =
>  that includes a list?
>  Thanks
>  Connar
    I don't know a lot about gruits, have not made a gruit ale yet.  Will try 
my first after I get back from Pennsic and Worldcon.
    Gruit herbs I know of include alehoof, costmary, marsh mallow, and 
yarrow.  As is to be expected, some gruit herbs are for bacteria control, 
and some are for flavor, just as some hop varieties are better for one and 
some for the other.
    Recommend you sign up with owner-hist-brewing at rt.com, and 
prowl thru the archives.  There have been several threads on gruit.
    In joy and service,

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