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Thu Jul 20 21:19:27 PDT 2000

Belgium yeast's are very high alcohol and ester producers.  Esters will give 
off the aromas of various fruits and other fermentation byproducts, but I 
don't think that this is quite what you want in a fruit mead because you 
mainly want the aroma of the fruit which is being fermented.  Also, the 
higher in alcohol and less sweet the mead becomes, the harder it becomes to 
taste the fruit. We perceive the sugar or sweetness in the fruit as much of 
it's flavor.  Once all the sweetness is fermented out, the mead becomes 
alcoholic and dry so the fruit blends into the overall character of the mead.
I would suggest Wyeast 1056 "Chico" as a very mead friendly yeast.  It takes 
my melomel with OG's in the 90's down to an average FG of 15 to 25.  This 
seems to be a nice balance in a fruit mead.  If I use a wine or Champagne 
yeast, the FG will be 0 and most of my friends and judges don't like that dry 
of a mead.  I've never been able to win a contest with a dry mead if that 
matters to you.  I recently won the Gold in the AHA Nationals with an 
Elderberry Mead made with Chico.
 Several people have suggested trying an ale yeast. One person has 
 specifically suggested Belgian. What other ale yeast's would be good to 
 consider for a fruity mead?
 Thanks! >>

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