hist-brewing: Lactose in mead?

WyteRayven at aol.com WyteRayven at aol.com
Wed Jul 19 16:42:18 PDT 2000

In a message dated 7/18/00 3:20:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ariann at nmia.com 

Thanks to everyone for the responses to my questions! I have decided that I 
am going to try two methods. I am going to make a batch of peach mead and add 
lactose to it and see what happens, and I am also going to make a batch and 
try adding milk or cream to it when it is done.

I'm not too sure about the second method, though. My thought is that the 
cream will curdle rather then blend smoothly...

Also......I have no idea how much lactose to add....I want to do a one gallon 
batch, and I am leaning towards having about three pounds of honey. I think 
that this would come out better with a less alcoholic mead than a higher 
alcoholic mead. The lactose should add some sweetness so I am hoping that it 
doesn't ferment out too dry.....

Several people have suggested trying an ale yeast. One person has 
specifically suggested Belgian. What other ale yeast's would be good to 
consider for a fruity mead?



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