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I have used bentonite, before, with reasonable success.  I don't use it, or any
other finings, on a regular basis, however.  I am a firm believer in letting
time do its thing.  I would prefer to rack the wine a few extra times over a
period of several months, than to use any finings at all.  I only use finings
when I have given up ALL hope of a wine, or mead, EVER clarifying on it's own. 
And I never call a wine done until it is CLEAR.  If it is a mead, or a light
fruit wine, then I like to be able to read a newspaper through a gallon jug of
it, certainly though a clear bottle, so my standards are high and I rarely have
to resort to finings.



On 19-Jul-00 Leland Predon wrote:
> Hey there.... Wondering which (if any) experiences you have had with finings 
> in mead making. Which have you found to be most effective?
> Also, has anyone ever filtered mead? I am considering it.... depends on how 
> well the fining goes..

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