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> Scotti writes:
> >   Wonderful!  Champagne yeast is supposed to add little or 
> no flavor 
> >of it's own, but obviously some taste buds are more 
> discriminating than 
> >others.  I've been using Wyeast's "Dry Mead" and it seems to 
> speak to 
> >my taste buds, but I'll be interested to hear what you settle on.
> If I recall correctly, Wyeast's "Dry Mead" is none other than 
> the Red Star
> Champagne yeast strain, just in liquid form.
> Personally, I prefer Premier Cuvee wine yeast for meads, although it
> requires some kind of finings or about two years to clear.  I haven't
> yet figured out which fining to use... I have several to choose from.
> Any suggestions?

Egg white. I found it works really well. You shouldn't leave it more than a
few days though.


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