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Thu Jul 13 04:05:10 PDT 2000

    Al Korzonas sent me this caveat on my recent posting on this subject.
I consider it worth passing to the rest of you, and I apologize if anyone got
his/er hopes up about the substitution.     
    "You can't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you read."

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brewinfo at xnet.com writes:

> Scotti--
>  Just a word of warning... Brew Your Own is not a very error-free
>  magazine.  I don't recall the names of most of their authors from
>  either Competition winners' lists or from digest contributions.
>  They keep offering me free copies and I keep cancelling the subscription
>  because even with the new editor, they really don't have a good Technical
>  Editor to weed-out the errors.  Take what you read there with a grain of
>  salt.  This particular recipe is a fine example... the difference between
>  Spruce and Pine is huge and no doubt what might be a good level of
>  spicing with Spruce may be "Pine Sol" with Pine.

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