hist-brewing: Ulla Ostergaard's table ale - an addendum

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Tue Jul 11 12:41:35 PDT 2000

    Some inquiring brewers have mentioned that they would be interested
in stronger versions of  this ale.  The old Eysturoy style of table
ales, to which Mrs. Ustergaard's recipe belong,  did come in a stronger
version.  To make it just double the size of the grist bill, sugars and
wood while increase the gruit, using the same relative constituent
proportions, by roughly 50-70%.
    In the interest of economy i would suggest that you do a second mash
using the same grist and make small ale using the same gruit on a
smaller scale. This was common practice with a great many kinds of table
ales and a sensible one to boot. This way you'll have a table ale for
any humor.  Also, i have found that even strong gruit ales won't make
you fatigued or slow as hoped ales do to some so you'll have more energy
after such a wholesome drink then you will after having a lager.

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