hist-brewing: Ulla Ostergaard's Table Ale - birch bark, mash schedule

Tue Jul 11 08:39:50 PDT 2000

I just had one more question on this recipe.  For us in the birch impaired parts of the world, we are forced to purchase our birch bark.  Herb stores sell this in little pellet shaped pieces.  So, does the handful of birch bark account for this type, or should I decrease the amount I use to account for cutting (handful of little bits would add a lot more flavor then a handful of chunks, greater mass and surface area).

Also, for those of you interested in more information about the mashing schedule recommended for this ale and other ales with a high adjunct content that Adam has posted about, check out the section on turbid mashing in this Lambic article at http://www.brewery.org/brewery/library/LmbicJL0696.html#Mash.  This helped me to understand some of the technical issues behind this traditional mash schedule, and will help to translate some of the traditional methods into modern temperature rests to better account for differences in equipment, and in my case, at a mile above Ness, boiling temperatures.

(Denver, CO)

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