hist-brewing: Lemonade

Eylat Poliner allotta at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 9 19:05:38 PDT 2000

Mike's is nothing but a clear malt similar to Zima and flavored with lemon
flavorings.  If you would like to reprodue that, try 3# 2 row, 4# light corn
syrup, .25 oz total hops (you want very low bittering).
After ferment add lemon flavorings before bottling.    Sound very appetizing?
Try a lemon wine.
1 quart lemon juice    zest of 2 lemons
8# sugar
1 tsp acid blend
wine yeast.
After fermentation, add sulfite and sorbistate to stabilize, then sweeten to

Mark Poliner

> > Any ideas where I might find a recipe for a hard lemonade? (similar to
> >  Mike's brand would be nice...)
> >

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