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>  >    I think I already reported that I made five gallons of Lady of Clare 
>  >(9# pale two-row, 3# malted oats, no hops or gruit, but boil wort for 1 
>  >after normal mash and sparge) which rated Superior at Kingdom >A&S.
>  Scotti, how long did you age this ale for and what yeast did you use?  
    I kegged it (and bottled the A&S stoneware grolsch-type bottle) on a 
    Friday one week after brewing, jumped in my car and drove six hours 
    to the A&S site.  Can't get much younger than that.  However, as I've
    indicated, the CO2-purged keg remained sweet and delicious until we
    killed it two weeks later.  
    Yeast was Wyeast #1275 Thames Valley.
> Did you end up with any off flavors from contamination?
    None I could detect, or that anyone, including Kingdom-level judges, 
told me about.  Altogether very satisfactory.  8-)

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