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> Thanks for the information.  What kind of mash did you use?  I assume that 
> such an ale was drunk live and would not keep well.  What was the flavor 
> like?
    I'm kind of primitive, since I assume that any recipe our ancestors made
had to be rather robust to do well with the inherent limitations of their 
control methods.
    I did a simple single infusion mash at about 155 deg F (68 deg C ??),
with sparge at 180 deg F (82 deg C).  In period (AD1343), it supposedly 
would have been a double infusion, fermented separately and consumed 
by high and low tables respectively.
    I had some trouble with it at first, since active yeasts give me 
esophageal allergies.  Fortunately, it kept very well in the keg, which I 
purged with CO2,
and was still very good after a month sitting in my kitchen at about 70 F.
    In joy and service,

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