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Thu Jul 6 08:30:35 PDT 2000

The OED says:


Forms: (5 germawnder, 5, 7 germandir, 6 germandre, germaunder,
jarmander, 7 jermander), 6- germander. [ad. med.L. germandra, -drea
(Fr. germandrée), altered form of gamandrea, -ia (whence Ger., Dutch
gamander), corruptly ad. late Gr. xamandrua, which is itself a
corruption of Gr. xamaidruj, lit.  `ground oak', f. xamai on the
ground + druj oak. Another corrupt form based on the late Gr. word is
Ital. calamandrea. The correct Gr. form was adopted in med.L. as
chamædrys, whence Ital. camedrio, Sp. camedréo. ]

The name of the plants of the genus Teucrium, esp. T. Chamædrys, the
Common or Wall Germander. garlic or water germander =
T. Scordium. wood germander = T. Scorodonia. In the U.S. applied to
T. Canadense (Cent. Dict.). Also applied to certain species of
Veronica, now chiefly in the compound names germander chickweed
(Veronica agrestis); germander speedwell or wild germander (Veronica

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