hist-brewing: Orange Balm, Buckbean, Ground Ivy

Thu Jul 6 07:58:52 PDT 2000

In Ulla Ostergaard's Table Ale,  Adam says to use orange balm.  I know of lemon balm, but have never heard of orange balm, is this known by a different name as well?

I just received my buckbean extract from Blessed Herbs (800-489-4372).  I added a couple drops to some water and was very impressed with the similarity to hops.  It is hard to tell the aroma in the alcohol based extract.  The bottle was $6 for an ounce and should last me a few batches, I'll report on my results soon.

One quick question for Adam or anyone else with experience with Buckbean and Ground Ivy.  Are the two reasonablely interchangeable in recipes?  I will check a couple books at home for Checker Ale tonight, but it sounds familiar.


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