hist-brewing: odds & sods

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Wed Jul 5 23:18:51 PDT 2000

- I was wondering if anyone on the list is familiar with an English
style of  ale called "Checker Ale" which apparently was served young,
unhopped and used some kind of  fruit i am unfamiliar with.  I have been
told that pubs with a checker board logo or checker in the name often
began serving this style of ale.  Any input would be greatly
- Also does anyone know anything about a gruit herb called "Germander"
?  I am totally stumped as to what it was and how it was used.
- I was also wondering if perchance any of the SCA members out their
have made any old style flat & young ales that they enjoy?  If so i
would be interested in hearing what recipes they used and how it tasted.

- Finally i would be interested in hearing what the readership thinks
about judging criteria for moribund styles of ales, braggots, meads
etc.  I bring the issue up because several people have ask me similar
questions and i can only provide my own narrow perspective.  Perhaps
someone out their knows about how brewing competitions were managed in
eras gone by?

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