hist-brewing: Ulla Ostergaard's Table Ale - historical notes

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Fri Jun 30 16:15:41 PDT 2000

    It's a curious twist of  history that the Cathedral underwent
additional construction after the Bishop's death at the behest of the
crown council, i.e. the vestigial Alting, at the urging of the Church
several generations.  The project became pointless however as the locals
attended the older St. Olav Church which was built in 1111.
The project was revived again much latter but it ended when an avalanche
wrecked the west wall in 1772.  The Church sized another nearby church,
St. Brendan, and dedicated it to Erlendur in 1420 which long ago fell
the sea.
    The misfortune surrounding these projects makes me think that when
love and piety are separated from such endeavors can only result in a
miserable weave.
PBLoomis at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 6/29/00 1:57:29 AM Central Daylight Time,
> euphonic at flash.net writes:
> > Bishop Erlendur was a rather infamous local figure who began the
> >  construction of the never finished Magnus Cathedral in Kirkjubour,
> >  Steymoy during the 13th century using brutal methods.
> >
>     Would I be correct in guessing that the Cathedral construction was
> abandoned after his departure in revulsion at his methods?  A house of
> God ought to be built out of love and piety.
>     Scotti

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