hist-brewing: sweetness in big beers

George de Piro gdepiro at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 29 18:18:28 PDT 2000

Hi all,

Steven writes:

"...please be advised that I have used honey and other sweetners and I am
getting tired of
drinking sweet beer that doesn't tast like a regular beer."

OK, now we can see your dilemma:  you are trying to increase the strength of
your beer by adding a sugary adjunct, but you are experiencing abbreviated
ferments which leave you with high final gravities and sweet beer.  The most
likely problem is that you are underpitching the wort, and perhaps
underaerating it, too.  This kind of yeast abuse will almost always result
in stuck ferments and sweet beer.

If you are treating your yeast properly, sugary adjuncts like honey and
table sugar should completely ferment out, leaving no residual sweetness in
the beer.  See my post from a couple of days ago about how to treat your
yeast properly, or just use a quality dry yeast to ensure complete ferments.

Have fun!

George de Piro

C.H. Evans Brewing Company
at the Albany Pump Station

Malted Barley Appreciation Society
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