hist-brewing: gotlandsdricka and Vivungs

aodhfionn at unforgettable.com aodhfionn at unforgettable.com
Thu Jun 29 16:19:02 PDT 2000

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000 20:28:44 EDT, I read the following on a monolith signed by

>    It has been my impression that everyone on this list enjoys your 
>postings, and no one is bored.  We don't want to take you away from 
>your research or your brewing, but I'm sure we'd like whatever you 
>choose to tell us.  8-)   

Agreed.  Speaking as one who cannot or will not necessarily use any Adam's posts
for practical purposes, I none the less find them fascinating, and they have
started or helped my thinking on other topics.


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