Subject: hist-brewing: potatoes

Thu Jun 29 08:41:31 PDT 2000

You cannot add additional fermentable sugar in any form to a recipe. There is 
always some wiggle room, to make a beer a touch stronger. More than that and 
this will give strange beers. This seems to be your problem. Beers need to be 
balanced for the amount of alcohol, residual sugar, and bitterness.  

You need to do your research. That means going into the "other" section of 
the beer store with foreign beer, Micro brewery beer and taste. If this does 
not seem like a good thing?  you got other issues.

Find a beer style that conforms to your taste Suggestions Barley Wines, 
Strong Ale, Belgium Doubles, & Triples, try beers brewed in Quebec Provence 
Find some recipes for that style. 
You can find some recipes here.

<A HREF="">Click here: Homebrewing<

 <A HREF="">Click here: Recipes</A>


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