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Wade Hutchison whutchis at bucknell.edu
Wed Jun 28 18:15:38 PDT 2000

Well, you have several choices when it comes to increasing the alcoholic
strength of beer without increasing the sweetness.  The only way to
increase the stength is to increase the amount of fermentable sugars in
the wort.  The problem with malt extract, and I assume you are an extract
brewer, (I missed your initial post) is that most brands carry a fair
amount of unfermentables along with the fermentables.  One solution would
be to use only extra light extract, which should be the most fermentable.
You could try using wheat extract as well.  A style of beer that is
highly alcoholic, but not overly bitter or sweet is wiesen-bock, or wheat
bock.  I've made two of these as summer beers, and they can be quite a
kick in the pants.
Other fermentables that would add kick without sweetness would be sugar,
(demerarra, turbinado and Belgian candy sugars are better than table
sugar) honey, (as you've already determined) or extract from non-barley
grains (like corn and rice) - which would involve moving up to all grain.
All grain brewing gives you a great level of control over the sweetness/
dryness of the final product, as well as the bitterness.
Hope this helps,
         -----wade hutchison

At 03:18 PM 6/28/00 , Steven McDaniel wrote:

>To those of you whome I incensed with my request for information on how to
>increase the alcohal content in my summer beer by using potatoes, please be
>advised that I have used honey and other sweetners and I am getting tired of
>drinking sweet beer that doesn't tast like a regular beer. I'm not trying to
>make a 7 or 8% beer with a  3 to 5% beer flaver. I just want a beer that
>tastes like a beer with a little higher alcohal content. If im trying to
>make the wrong kind of beer with an increased alchoal content please feel
>free to make sugestions.I don't enjoy heavy flavered beers or very bitter
>beer. I'm new to brewing and appreciate the help.
>Thanks,  Steve McDaniel


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