hist-brewing: potatoes

Steven McDaniel smcdaniel at pru-nw.com
Wed Jun 28 12:18:16 PDT 2000

To those of you whome I incensed with my request for information on how to
increase the alcohal content in my summer beer by using potatoes, please be
advised that I have used honey and other sweetners and I am getting tired of
drinking sweet beer that doesn't tast like a regular beer. I'm not trying to
make a 7 or 8% beer with a  3 to 5% beer flaver. I just want a beer that
tastes like a beer with a little higher alcohal content. If im trying to
make the wrong kind of beer with an increased alchoal content please feel
free to make sugestions.I don't enjoy heavy flavered beers or very bitter
beer. I'm new to brewing and appreciate the help.
Thanks,  Steve McDaniel

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