hist-brewing: lambic

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Tue Jun 27 21:20:54 PDT 2000

While it is true that Brettanomyces bruxellensis is indeed an acid-producing
yeast, there is far more sourness in Lambic than can be accounted for by
Brett.  No, there are dozens of microbiota involved in Lambic (including
the dreaded E. coli, believe it or not!) and among them are Lactobacillus and
Pediococcus.  These types of bacteria are among those that make Lambic as
sour as it really is.  I'm not talking about the wimpy Lindeman's fruit
Lambics or Timmerman's or (ack!) Chapeau.  These are the kiddy drinks of the
beer world.  True Lambics are seriously sour and include Lindeman's Cuvee
Rene, Boon, Girardin, Oud Beersel, Drie Fonteinen and my favourite, Cantillon.


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