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> How often I brew is a pretty open question depending on needs of the
>  time of year/season and number of events, parties or other happenings I
>  have to supply.
    Being Canadian, Lord Percival is subject to a different set of mundane
rules than those of us in Les Etats Unis.
    When Prohibition was repealed, each adult U.S. resident was authorized
to make up to 100 gallons of wine per year for his/er personal use, including 
bona fide gifts to his/er friends.  Heads-of-household (see instructions for 
IRS Form 1040) were authorized to make 200 gallons per year.  As far as I
know, every state in the Union bought into that.  Mead is probably classed
as honey wine.  Showing incredible wisdom and restraint, Congress required 
no license or registration, as the paperwork would have been overwhelming.
    In about 1972, a similar federal exemption was granted for beer: 200 
gallons per year for head-of-household, 100 gallons per year for individual 
adult.  Every state except Mississippi, where the hard-shelled Baptists
upstate still rule the legislature, has implemented that.
    The oddball thing is that these two laws were not cross-coupled!  As a 
result, you can make 200 gallons of wine (or mead) *AND* 200 gallons of 
beer per year.  This works out to a 5-gallon batch of each every 9.125 days!
If you made one or 'tother every week, you would be well within the limits!
    Monday, do the laundry and cook red beans and rice.  Tuesday make beer.  
Wednesday bake bread.  Lemme see now, "Today I brew, tomorrow I bake, 
next day ...oh, yeah..."  Thursday steal the Queen's first born child to raise
him/er as a peasant, so s/he will know how the Populace lives.  Friday shop 
for malted grain, or grapes, or honey for next week.  Saturday go to the 
seashore.  Sunday thank the Lord for all those little yeast cells slaving 
lives away so we can have a drink.  8-)
    In joy and service,

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