hist-brewing: Mead making mix-up

The Crawleys crawley at worldchat.com
Tue Jun 27 04:05:15 PDT 2000

Dear Lady,
from past experiance you may be able to save this batch by adding some
other ingrediants and doing another boil or by pitching a second yeast
culture. Sounds like maybe the first one died. However what your end
result may be is beyond guessing.. Generally if a batch fails  I tend to
wait a bit and see what the stuff tastes like. SOmetimes its a syoprize
and not bad so might be worth hanging onto even if just for personal
use. Other times the best place for it is in the spent fuel storage area
of the local Nuclear Generating station. 

As to your second question regarding numbers/frequency of brews. I
personally have several carboys of the following dimensions. (All in
imperial measure as I am in Canada. For U.S. brewers add about 7 to 9 %
to a U.S. Measure to get the imperial equivalent.) 2 x 5 Gallon glass 2
x 5 Gallon Plastic .. 4 x 2 Gallon Glass 2 x 1 Gallon Glass. I also have
at last count 4 primary fermentors (big plastic pails) as well as a ton
of other gear from brew pots thru cappers, filters, pumps, etc etc etc.. 
How often i brew is a pretty open question depending on needs of the
time of year/season and number of events, parties or other happenings i
have to supply. I do also make wine and mead and all the many variations
in between so i pretty much always have something bubbling. I find one 5
gallon batch of regular beer for personal use only lasts about 6 weeks
around here (usually consume an average of 1 per day x 2 of us) so about
every 6 weeks i need to have a fresh batch ready to drink. Add to this
more as the summer warms up and we spend time out doors doing chores,
camping and so forth. Then add any special needs like events or large
planned gatherings. Then add some just because i want to try an
experiment. So generally i will brew a 5 gallon batch about once per
month most of the year and maybe 1.5 times a month average in may june
july and august. Wine i make about 5 gallons 3 or 4 times a year and
meads i make in various sized batches based on what i want/need in terms
of flavours added fruits etc or just to experiment. 

Percival de la Rocque 
(MKA Keith Crawley)

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