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Michelle mhunt at kvi.fanz.net
Mon Jun 26 22:03:22 PDT 2000

My name is Michelle and I am new to the list, and new to brewing.  I looked
y’all up because I have a question about a screw-up I made making my first
batch of mead.  My dh has been helping me, as he has made this stuff before
with other friends.  I wanted to make one kind, but the fixin’s weren’t
available.  While I was at the brew store, a regular customer of the store
and I got to discussing mead, whereupon I wrote down a recipe that he tried
that sounded particularly good.  The failure to communicate came with me
thinking the recipe was for a five gallon batch, and it actually being for a
one gallon batch as I have figured out from reading.

At any rate
the yeast is not “yeasting” ;-) (no bubbles in the airlock yet.)
I am wondering if it is too late and I have to pitch it all and start over,
or if I could possible add the additional ingredients and re-boil
adding new
yeast after it “re-cools.”  I made this mess on Sunday.  It is probably more
of a metheglin as I have been reading
  It has 2 ½ pounds of honey
(fireweed), 2 pounds Rainier cherries, a pound each of red raspberries and
blueberries.  I used one package of wine yeast and five gallons of spring

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Another question
how many carboys do y’all have going at any given time?
How often do you brew?  After having home brew, I could never drink store
bought stuff with the same appreciation. ;-)  Just wondering how many
carboys I need to keep a good rotation going, allowing plenty of time for

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