hist-brewing: Mead Sweetness

Shane Felux shane_felux at net.com
Wed Jun 21 14:56:33 PDT 2000

Hoping some might have some answers out there to a batch of mead I have
been brewing. It is really clear now...A nice rich amber color. It's
about time to bottle the batch, as it has fermented for about 9 months.
The concern I have is that the taste is somewhat of a let down to what I
was hoping. It's pretty strong by my tastes. My wife summed up my first
attempt as brewing as being the taste of " watered down whiskey with a
spoon full of honey." Maybe some of you that may appeal, but I like
those fru fru sweat drinks. This is a 5 gallon batch and I used about
18lbs of clover honey, and  some cinnamon sticks in the boil.

Question is: Is there anything I can add to the batch that I could use
to sweeten it before I bottle? Or is it to late now that the
fermentation is all done? No blips or sediment left in the brew. I know
time..like alot of time will help it, but I was hoping I might be able
to add something like an extract or something to sweeten the batch and
make it not as strong. Any ideas?

One other thing I might ask you all, since I hope I have your attention.
Is that I have a smaller batch I made ( 3 gallons) and it never really
took off in the fermentation. It's only been about 3 months and there
has been no real activity or clarity going on it the batch. I even added
another shot of yeast about 1 month ago, but nothing is happening. I am
thinking of throwing away the whole thing and just take my losses, but I
simply can not find or think of what is wrong. the batch doesn't seem to
contaminated or anything. Any ideas what I should do, or just throw it

Thanks for your time and look forward to any replies that could help.

Your Servant,

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