hist-brewing: Hops in Mead

Wed Jun 21 07:44:53 PDT 2000

I am looking for any recipes, preferably pre 1800's, that use hops in mead as a primary ingredient.  I am not really interested in recipes for metheglin with just a tad of hops along with a 100 other spices.  Also, I am not interested in braggot recipes.  

Mainly I am just trying to get a better undersatnding of the quantity of Hops used.  We have discussed this a little over on the SCA list.  I have already looked at the recipe in Buch von guter spise which calls for ½ maz pot of hops for a mead with 2 maz pots of water and 1 maz pot of honey.  There is also a traditionsal Lithuanian Mead recipe at http://ausis.gf.vu.lt/eka/food/drinks.html  that calls for 1 cup of hops for about 4 gallons of mead at 1 part honey to about 1.5 parts water.  Using several assumptions I calculated these at the 10 to 20 IBU level for a couple very sweet meads, although I am not sure how the actual or percieved IBUs for mead compare to that of beer.  The other recipe I looked at is from the Domostoi, http://sca_brew.homestead.com/files/recipes/Crystal_2.htm, this recipes translation is a bit iffy and it is hard to guess at what the hop quantity actualy is.  The recipe calls for a half measure of hops, if you assume they are using the same measure for hops as for mead you get in the range of 40 to 60 IBUs, but I do not think that is correct.


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