hist-brewing: Kraeusening

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Thu Jun 15 12:48:16 PDT 2000

If memory serves correctly, Papazian misuses the term kraeusening
(omit the first "e" if you can type an "a" with an umlaut) in
his books.  Kraeusening is actually the addition of *actively fermenting*
beer to a batch that has already completed fermentation.  The "kraeusen"
has two meanings, the first being the foam that rises during fementation
and the second is that actively fermenting small percentage of beer
that is added to a large volume of already fermented beer.  Typically,
the kraeusen is mixed in and then the vessel sealed to carbonate the
beer.  To keep with the letter of Reinhetsgebot, brewers must either
kraeusen or add unfermented wort or I believe that it is legal to force
carbonate but only if the CO2 has been collected from a natural fermentation
and stored.

Some books say that you get better head retention or better mouthfeel
from malt-based priming, but when you consider how small a percentage
this is, I think it's wishful thinking.


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