hist-brewing: Bog bean, odds & sogs

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Thu Jun 15 11:38:07 PDT 2000

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that i have discovered a
source for dried bog bean in the United States.   Although bog bean is
much more expensive then Alehoof , which along with yarrow are the most
common gruit anti septics in the British isles, it is an excellent
bittering and anti septic agent.  It is also by far the most common
gruit ingredient of it's type in German and Nordic ales. Anyway, if you
want it call Blessed Herbs - at: 800-489-4372.
- Thanks to Scotti for pointing out the different types of  Anise.  Once
again my very limited herbal knowledge has been expanded.  By  the by,
would anyone out their know what species of Anise, if any are native to
what parts of Europe, and when the non-native types were first imported?


-    The English appear to have had several odd malts that i am hoping
the readership could help me find information about: Blown, Snap &
- Finally, i have recently found out about what seems to be the oldest
reference to the oldest Porter recipe i know of (1758) and has plenty of
odd things in it (Spanish juice, iceland moss & Ginger).  I don't know
if it's any good as i have yet to make it.  If  their is any interest
out their i'll post it.

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