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Tue Jun 13 17:19:15 PDT 2000

Unto the denizens of the Hist-Brewing list, from Lord Robert fitz Thomas
de Vallon d'Fer, most hearty 


Gosh, but this is neat.  Love the traffic.  By way of introduction -- I
am an avid homebrewer, having made some few dozen batches of beer, ale,
and mead.  I am also a brewer by trade, working as Apprentice brewer at a
small brewery in Easton, PA.  (Yes, I still brew at home.)

To Joel Plutchak -- Thanks for the data on Saint Bibiana.  Quite

To Elspeth Fraser Dowglas (and regarding the reply from Crystal A. Isaac)
-- You could also try malt extract or gyle from a freshly-brewed wort to
prime.  Reconstitute and boil for 10 minutes 1.25 cups dry malt extract
in a quart of water; add this to the bottling bucket like any other
priming sugar.  IMO, it gives a quite pleasant mouth-feel.  The use of
gyle (unfermented sterile wort) to condition (krausen) finished beer can
be complicated, and is often unpredictable; consult Papazian for an
easy-to-understand explanation.

Just my 2p; enjoy!

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