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Elspeth Dowglas elspeth.dowglas at scotland.com
Mon Jun 12 15:19:49 PDT 2000

>>>...Elspeth,Welcome to the list! 

***Thank you verra much!  its good to be here...i raced home today to check my email!  

>>>you want the freshest, ripest, etc. that you can get. 

***my partner in crime has LOTS of fruit trees and bushes on her property...pies, jams, beverages :O)  *hic*  

>>>but at no point does it actually call for yeast or anything else ive seen in modern recipes...will this actually ferment?  any comments?

Where did this recipe come from?  

***i think i found it from linking from the brewing site from the SCA page...but its all a blur now :O(

>>>Though it maytake multiple attempts to obtain a wild strain that produces positive results for you, it can be done.  

***how does one obtain a wild yeast...i really dont know much about the making as ive concentrated mostly on the consuming of potables :O)

>>>A case in point: I spent a year living in a cabin by myself in Southern Oregon....

***wow that sounds awesome!  thats the sort of thing i want to produce....everyone keeps telling to me to get a kit...but i want to make something more historically sound :O)

>>>I would further reduce the risks of stray bacterial infections by using campden tablets/potassium metabisulfite.

***are these available in stores?

>>> I wouldnt mind trying a heather honey if I could get my > hands on some...any comments?
As would several of us.  It's available, but can be fairly expensive depending on where you live ... which would be? :)Warm Regards,Shawn

***im in Toronto, Ontario, Canada...or for the scadians out there...the Barony of Septentria in the Kingdom of Ealdormere

thanks a lot Shawn...this is turning out to be such a huge help and education!



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