hist-brewing: Newbie Questions/honey in beer

Crystal A. Isaac xtal at sigenetics.com
Mon Jun 12 08:40:41 PDT 2000

Elspeth Fraser Dowglas writes to the list:

>I was told to add corn sugar before I bottle my
>beer...how about honey?  will it work the same way?
>will the flavoured honeys affect the taste of the beer
>at this point?  I wouldnt mind trying a heather honey if
>I could get my hands on some...any comments?

Honey will work, but it will take *much* longer to produce a good head. With
corn sugar you can get a mature-looking beer in two weeks. With honey it
will take about ten weeks. Use the corn sugar. It's more predictable and
very easy.

I strongly recommend if you want a Honey taste in your beer to add Honey to
the initial wort.

There's a long thread about available heather honey in the archive, see

good luck,


Crystal A. Isaac
"There aren't any embarrassing questions -- just embarrassing answers." --
Carl T. Rowan Jr.

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