hist-brewing: Newbie Questions

Elspeth Dowglas elspeth.dowglas at scotland.com
Mon Jun 12 04:33:06 PDT 2000

Greetings all...

I am new to the list and fairly new to Brewing and Vinting.  I have made some Cordial in the past and would like to try some beers and wines.

I have a few questions and if anyone would be able to answer them I would be most grateful...

I would like to use mullberries, strawberries, apricots, red currants, and plums for wine...any dangers in using these fruits?  anything I should look out for?  problems I might encounter?

I have a recipe for a strawberry wine and all it consists of is juice of the berries, sugar and water...let sit then bottle...(thats the Readers Digest version) but at no point does it actually call for yeast or anything else ive seen in modern recipes...will this actually ferment?  any comments?

I was told to add corn sugar before I bottle my beer...how about honey?  will it work the same way?  will the flavoured honeys affect the taste of the beer at this point?  I wouldnt mind trying a heather honey if I could get my hands on some...any comments?

whew!  I think thats all that on my mind at the moment...any suggestions would be most welcome!

Thank You,

Elspeth Fraser Dowglas

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