hist-brewing: Cornish Braggot - corection

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Fri Jun 9 23:02:42 PDT 2000

    The most recent post i sent out should have been labeled part three,
not part 2.  Part three represents the latest and best  information and
should be used insofar as making the Cornish braggot recipe at home is
concerned.  The original part 2 represented older information that has
been expanded and improved upon in the last post. The only relevant part
of the first part two is the historical notes at the end of the post.
Sorry for the confusion.
- Does anyone out their happen to know what the following spices are:
avens, burnet & regency berries?  I came upon them in a recipe for
Mumme's ale and i'm not able to find out anything about them.
-  I also came across references to something called "the barksdale mash
method"  which i have no idea what it is. If anyone has any ideas let me

- Finally i sent out a list of gruit suppliers including one that makes
Wood Sage, Bog bean and other extracts.  I would suggest that you dilute
these extracts 3:1 using high quality mineral or distilled water and
store them in swig cap style bottles.  When you use these extracts just
follow these pointers: put about 2 ounces of  the diluted extract into
your boil.  About a month after the primary fermentation ends taste the
your ale, braggot or what have you and if it's not bitter enough for
your taste add another tablespoon of  the diluted extract.  You should
repeat this process every additional two to three weeks until your happy
with the results. The above recommendations are based upon the
assumption that your batch is five gallons U.S.  If anyone has any
questions about the process just let me know and i'll see if i can help.

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