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"MUM - 1723
Take thirty-two gallons of water, boil it till a third part is wasted, brew
it according to Art with three Bushels and a half of Malt, half a Bushel of
ground Beans, and half a Bushel of Oatmeal when you put it into your Cask
do not fill it too full and when it begins to work, put in a pound and a
half of the inner rind of Fir, half a pound of tops of Fir and Birch
instead of the inward Rind.  Our English Mum-makers use Sassafras and
ginger, the Rind of Walnut Tree, Elecampane Root, Water Cresses, and Horse
Radish root rasp'd, Betony, Burnet, Marjoram, Mother of Thyme, Pennyroyal
of each a small handful, Elder-flowers a handful, of Blessed Thistle a
handful, of Barberries bruised half an ounce, of Cardamums bruised an ounce
and a half.  All these ingredients are to be put in when the liquor has
wrought a while and after they are in let it work over the Vessel as little
as may be when it has done working.  Fill up the cask and put into it five
new-laid eggs not broken nor crack'd, stop it close and it will be fit to
drink in two years."
(From The Receipt Book of John Nott, 1723.)


Cindy Renfrow
cindy at thousandeggs.com
Author & Publisher of "Take a Thousand Eggs or More, A Collection of 15th
Century Recipes" and "A Sip Through Time, A Collection of Old Brewing

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