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> The
>  recipes in question all seem to be US in source. Is it just my experience
>  is limited or is it, as it seems to me, that in the UK 'mead' will 
>  always mean a 'wine type' mead???
    I assume when you say "wine-type mead", you mean a "great mead" 
(wish there were a better term for those), made with a kilogram or more or
honey per gallon of water, and aged for a year or more in secondary.  That's
what I would mean.
    When I teach mead-making, I find a distinct preference in the audience 
for the weak and fizzy "quickmeads" or "lesser meads", those made with 
about 1/2 kilo per gallon, bottled directly from the primary after a week to 
ten days, and drunk soon after before the bottles become grenades.  
    This preference is stronger among those under thirty.  I think it's part
of the instant gratification syndrome that has taken over America.  It's 
always been part of our heritage, but with TV advertising and credit cards,
it has become pandemic.  I just hang in there, and hope that some or most 
of them will grow to appreciate craftsmanship as they themselves grow older.
    In joy and service,


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