hist-brewing: Brettanomyces, stone beer

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Fri May 26 17:40:19 PDT 2000

"Jeff Renner" <nerenner at umich.edu>
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Subject: hist-brewing: Brettanomyces, stone beer

> Some random thoughts and observations:
> I think it was Adam that was concerned that Brettanomyces spp. might be
> inauthentic for beers other than those Belgian in style.  The name
> Brettanomyces means, if I am not mistaken, "British fungus,"  in Latin,
> does it not?  I think it was first isolated from true secondary
> fermentations of old ale in England in the late 19th C.  True secondary as
> opposed to just the slower stage of primary fermentation.  One species I
> recall is B. dublinensis or something like that, which should give an idea
> of its origin.

That's funny, I had always simply thought that *Brettanomyces* referred to
Bretagne, in France (known to English-speakers as Brittany mainly to avoid
confusion.  If you're sure of that reference, then I would say you're right.

Sean Richens

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