hist-brewing: Gruit and unhopped ales - cornish braggot

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Thu May 25 14:52:16 PDT 2000

    While i was transcribing my info about the Cornish Braggot recipe,
my notes say 1355, i  felt it need to take pause and raise a couple of
issues.  One, is their a need among the readership at large for gruit
suppliers in the U.S.?   I used to have problems with finding horehound
extract and such so perhaphs so have others.  If so i'll post a few that
i've had good luck with. Second, would any one happen to know what
"Coussettier malt" is?  I've run across it twice now in Waloonian
recipes from the 1400's and because it's a big chunk of the grain bill
in keen recipes i just can't ignore it.  Any thoughts?
    In a none ale digression i have a fine, but small collection of
Danish compositions from the 10000's and 1100's from the Dromte Mig en
Drom collection.  They were written in elder futhark and were recorded
four years ago with period instruments.  If i can successfully transfer
them onto my computer i'll send them to anyone who wants to hear them.
Drop me a line if your interested.
     On a final note i must say that i am quite taken aback by the great
interests that my scribbling have stirred.  Many thanks to all my fellow
brewers for their kind comments and input.

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