hist-brewing: Scottish bittering and Faro

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Wed May 24 19:36:22 PDT 2000

Adam writes:
>    I have a question for the readership regarding heather ale.  Does
>anyone know if  any hop surrogates were used historically in the
>production of heather ale?  If so, does anyone one know which one? None
>of the contemporary recipes that i have seen specify any.  Every time i
>have made a batch i get a horrible sour concoction.
>    Also, if anyone can recommend a good Faro ale recipe please let me

Michael Jackson writes that Piper's Pride Scottish Ale is brewed by
Sherlock's Home brewpub (in Minnetonka, MN) using some quassia for
bittering.  He says it is some kind of tree bark.  I just had it two
weeks ago and the bittering was not too unlike hop bitterness.  I
don't know how much of the bitterness is from hops and how much from

As for Faro, I learned from Jean-Pierre Van Roy, the brewmaster at
Cantillon how he makes his Faro: take 10 liters of young Lambic, add
a liter of sugar syrup and a large spoonful of caramel.  Now, what
strength sugar syrup, what type of caramel... all this is unquantifiable
and therefore not exactly reproducable, but it gives us a rough idea,
which is better than nothing, I guess.


Al Korzonas, Lockport, Illinois, USA
korz at brewinfo.org

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