hist-brewing: gruit and unhopped ales-stone ales

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Mon May 22 14:04:00 PDT 2000

Thanks to Scotti for the valuable safety pointers.  I feel irresponsible
for not including them.

    Here is the information requested:

Balm: Melissa officinalis
Centaury: Centaurian minus or Gentiana centaurium

    The later is principally known as an antidepressant although one
will find it used in salads, teas and liqueurs today in Europe.  It
historically was used as a medicinal additive in English and Northern
European ales.  I like it's taste very much, in small doses, and it's
aroma, even it's hard to get just right.

Centaury extract is a bittering element used in lots of Nordic and
German recipes.  I just prepare it the same way i would Carduus, buck
bean or horehound extract. Oh, it appears i misspelled earlier so sorry
for the bother.

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