hist-brewing: marshmallow, oats & rye, leathery taste

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Mon May 22 12:29:53 PDT 2000

    Many thanks for the large number of recommendations regarding
marshmallow, oats and rye.  Lots of  recipes that i have call for oats
and rye, unmalted,  but because i'm a lazy i don't fancy following the
long drawn out mash regimens needed to get decent extraction from
unmalted cereals.  My plan is to make the brewing procedure shorter and
easier.  Hopefully, that will encourage folks daunted by some old
recipes to try them.
    Specifically, i'm going to get in a Manx & Cornish recipe that uses
oats as well as marshmallow.   The rye is principally for various
Baltic, and a few Danish, recipes.
    Recently someone, sorry i lost the post, mentioned that the leathery
quality in various wild yeasts as being attributable to Brettanomyces.
While that is possible, i am reticent in endorsing this view.  Mainly
because i am under the impression that Brettanomyces is only native to
the Brussels area.  I am not aware of  it being found naturally else
where but i may be wrong.  Also, i have heard that the leathery/horsey
quality may also be attributable to various bacterial cultures. If
anyone out their can cast some light on this issue i'd be quite
interested.  Oh, by the way, Donnsby likes several Belgian ales
including some that were mentioned previously.
    One last point,  i have beat my brains out trying to find a decent,
proven Faro recipe so if anyone has one i'd be grateful if they let me
know. I'll be happy to trade any recipe i have for one.

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