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>     Oh, by the way, perchance does anyone know a supplier of malted rye
>  and/or oats?
    Malted oats are available from Thomas Fawcett and Sons
<www.fawcett-maltsters.co.uk/welcom.htm>  In the U.S.A., the importer
is North Country Malt Supply, 12 Stewart Street, POBox 665, Rouses Point, NY 
12979. (518) 297-2604.  North Country only sells 55 lb bags, but in addition 
various Period beers that require malted oats, you can make a wonderful smooth
oat malt stout by substituting two pounds of malted oats for the flaked oats 
your favorite recipe for oat meal stout.  Or try this one (My friends 
polished off a 
three gallon keg at dinner last night). I pulled down every oatmeal stout I 
could find on the Cat's Meow (13 extract, 3 partial mash, 7 all-grain) and 
did an eyeball 
average of the grain bills and hop selections.  The result was
OAT MALT STOUT -- 5 gallons
    9 lb        2-row pale malted barley
    1/2 lb  black patent
    1/2 lb  roast barley    
    1/2 lb  chocolate malt  
    2 lb        malted oats
    1-1/2oz Northern Brewer bittering   
    1 oz    Fuggle aroma
    Wyeast liquid Irish Ale #1084
    The rye I buy from my homebrew suppliers is malted.  I usually buy
it from St. Patrick's of Texas  <www.stpats.com>
    Tell us what recipes you're doing that need rye.  We'd love to know.

    In joy and service,

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