hist-brewing: marshmallow & rye

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Sun May 21 11:07:19 PDT 2000

adam larsen <euphonic at flash.net> asks:
>    Oh, by the way, perchance does anyone know a supplier of malted rye
>and/or oats?

Briess Malting (from Wisconsin) makes a malted rye. While all US
homebrew supplies wholesalers seem to carry Briess (and most homebrew
shops), I don't know any who carry the malted rye.

Michael Weyermann Malz (from Bamburg, Germany) also makes a
rye malt.  I believe the Crosby & Baker (in MA and GA) and
F. Steinbart (in OR) are both domestic wholesalers of Weyermann
(and, more importantly, the rye malt).  Find a homebrew shop that
carries their products. If they don't stock the rye malt, they
are probably willing to special order it for you (not having
enough demand to put it on the shelf doesn't mean they don't
want to sell you some).

Or malt your own.


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